Snowy Owls

Once your little owl is ready to spread their beautiful wings they transition into our Snowy Owl room. Here their day is filled with activities to stimulate their ever expanding minds, including imaginative play, creative activities and free flow to their own designated outdoor space amongst so much more! Every opportunity to expand your child’s confidence, independance, self -esteem and social skills are taken full advantage of and is at the forefront of everything we do. The friends your child makes in Snowy Owls could stay with them for life! 

Your child’s key person will continue to share details about your child's day, achievements and well-being, on a daily basis. Children who still require a sleep will be able to do so as and when required.
All the while we are preparing them for our Barn Owl pre-school room to ensure that when they are ready to take the next transition they are fully prepared in every aspect.