Special Educational Needs and Disability

This nursery is committed wholeheartedly to the inclusion of all children. Every child has the right to be cared for, educated and nurtured to achieve their full potential. By being included and integrated with other children they can learn through positive experiences, enabling them to share opportunities and develop and learn from each other. We provide a positive and welcoming environment where children are supported according to their individual needs. 

We work alongside parents to enable us to support the child working with their specific needs to develop to their full potential. . 


We feel it is paramount to find out as much as possible about children's individual care needs and the way that may affect their early learning by:

  • Liaising with the child’s parents

  • Liaising with any professional agencies

  • Reading any reports that have been prepared

  • Attending any review meetings with the local authority/professionals

  • Regularly monitoring observations carried out on the child’s development.

Our nursery Special Education Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO) is Nicola Whiting


She works closely with all staff to make sure there are systems in place to plan, implement, monitor, review and evaluate the special educational needs policy of the nursery, always making sure plans and records are shared with parents

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