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Owls Nest Nursery Terms and Conditions


  1. An exclusion policy exists for infectious conditions, including sickness and diarrhea, therefore if a child is brought into the nursery whilst still infectious, he/she may be refused entry. A child who has experienced sickness and diarrhea will not be re-admitted into the Nursery until 48 hours have passed. This is for the care and safety of all the children at Owls Nest Nursery.

  2. Any carer who considers a child is at risk of harm or when there is a child protection issue/ concern, has a duty to report this to the setting's Designated Safeguarding Lead where the appropriate action will be taken.

  3. Fees are paid in advance by the last day of the month preceding the invoiced month, or in advance by a monthly standing order. You will receive an invoice each month.  Non - payment of fees, or continued late arrival to collect a child may result in refusal to accept a child at nursery without notice. This includes any “additional services” or “additional hours” charged as part of a funded package.

  4. Fees are paid in full for 51 weeks of the year. In the event of illness or holiday (including bank holidays and Christmas), the full fee is required to retain the place. This includes “additional services” charges for government funded children.  Please note the nursery is closed during the week between Christmas and New Year.

  5. If funding payment is not received from the Northamptonshire Local Authority then the parent is liable to pay the amount of funded fees in full.  This does not apply if the non-payment was due to a fault or omission of the nursery staff.

  6. One month’s written notice (or one month’s fee in lieu) is required to terminate this Agreement or to reduce attendance.

  7. Parents must keep the nursery updated in writing of any changes in family contact details, ongoing /long term illness and allergies. The nursery regrets that any session unattended for any reason must be paid for, as the cost of running the nursery still has to be met. However, long term illness or hospitalisation may be seen as a special case and fees could be withdrawn accordingly.

  8. Owls Nest Nursery cannot be held responsible for any clothing or other belongings that go missing. All clothing should be clearly named.

  9. It is accepted and acknowledged that from this Agreement and during the term and for six months after the Agreement terminates, I/we whose signature(s) appear will not (directly or indirectly) employ or retain the self employed or other services of any member of Owls Nest Nursery staff with whom I/we or the child/children referred to in this Agreement have or have had contact/dealings without the prior consent in writing of Owls Nest Nursery. Should I/we do so I/we will be required to reimburse Owls Nest Nursery within 14 days of request in writing for the same, a figure representing 15% of the relevant member of the staff’s gross annual salary payable on the date on the employment termination of that staff member at Owls Nest Nursery. 

  10. Owls Nest Nursery will on request apply best endeavours to provide a place for sibling of the children referred to in this Agreement, but is under no obligation to do so or to give priority over children on the waiting list.

  11. Personal comforters are allowed, but please do not bring toys, money or jewellery onto the premises, as we cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss.

  12. Owls Nest Nursery cannot accept responsibility for the injury, damage or loss to persons, property or vehicles whilst on the premises.

  13. Payment of £30.00 registration fee guarantees the child’s/children’s place at Owls Nest Nursery.

  14. Any type of abuse whether verbal or physical directed toward any member of staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances, this includes foul language. Any such abuse will result in the immediate termination of the relevant nursery place and loss of any fees paid in advance.

  15. In exceptional circumstances there may be an event that triggers the closure of the nursery for example severe adverse weather conditions, personal health, transport strikes or acts of terrorism. The nursery will not be held responsible for these events and will not issue refunds for such forced closures.

  16. Terms and conditions may vary occasionally.  Owls Nest Nursery will inform you of any changes should they occur.