Meet the family!

Rebecca Miola- Director

My first experience of working with children came from my time at university, when I would often work for my local nursery when home for the holidays. This ignited my passion for working with children. I decided to use the degree that I had been working hard towards and go into teaching. I became a secondary school science teacher and eventually worked up to becoming Director of Science in a large secondary school. I have always missed working with early years and since becoming a mum it has been a dream of mine to get back to the age that started my passion for education. As you can see that dream is now a reality I look forward to meeting you all and getting to know yourselves and your children.

Katie Green- Director

From a young age I was always very passionate about working within the early years sector so without a second thought as soon as the time came, I began pursuing my dream in becoming qualified in this very rewarding sector. I have over 12 years experience working within the early years, during most of which I have led my own teams. Over the past 7 years I have been in a senior management position leading a large team across multiple sites. I am very enthusiastic, passionate and dedicated in ensuring children have the very best experience during those early years of child learning and development, providing them with ample opportunity to explore with awe and wonder.


Name- Nicola Whiting

Qualifications- Level 3 Diploma in childcare, SENCO, First Aid, Level 2 Food and Hygiene, Designated Safeguarding Leader, FMG, GDPR, Structuring play skills for children with autism, Tracking bullying, Risk and play, Disability awareness, Manual handling, Play types.

Experience- I worked first running after school clubs (Gr8 Kids) and then began to work within a nursery I have seen this nursery through all of its transitions form Nicbec to Golden Steps and Owls Nest Nursery.

Why do I want to work with children?- I have always wanted to work with children. When I was 15 I used to babysit for family friends, I enjoyed the time I spent with them and messy play so I found a job working with older children from 3-16 years old. It was a great experience that I enjoyed.

Why early years? - While I loved working with older children I missed the messy play with water and paint that I got to experience with younger children. I enjoy showing them how to engage with the different activities, watching them develop and grow on journey to becoming a good role model for the younger children in the setting.

Deputy Manager

Name - Lucky Dundas 


Qualifications - Level 3 Diploma in Childcare and Education, First Aid, Level 2 Food and Hygiene, Designated Safeguarding Leader, FMG, GDPR 


Experience - this is my first nursery job, I started with Golden Steps until Sept 2019 and have been with Owls Nest every since 


Why do I want to work with children? - I’ve always been around children as I’m the oldest in the family. I’ve loved watching all of my cousins grow up and I knew ever since I was little that I’ve wanted to make a career out of it. I’ve always wanted to learn the ins and outs of working with children and I now gain new skills everyday when working with them. 


Why early years? - I’ve always loved watching children go from one stage to the next in their journeys. It makes me feel accomplished when I know a child has succeeded in something they set out to do and I had a part to play in it. I’ve loved watching children learn new things and share their knowledge and it makes me very happy that I’ve helped support them in their learning. 

Name- Kelly Fisher 


Qualifications- Pediatric First Aid, Emergency First Aid At Work, Safeguarding children, Female Genital Mutilation: Recognising and Preventing, CACHE Level 2 Certificate for the children and Young People's Workforce, Person Edexcel Level 3 Diploma. 


Experience- Since school I always wanted to work with children so I did my level 2 at college for a year and did my level 3 in a nursery.

I have done babysitting for my brothers when they where little. And I did babysitting for a family with three children. I have now been working in nursery settings for the past 10 years, spending much of my time working with under twos.


Why you chose to work with children?-Since school I always wanted to work with children, and being there for the children through their time at nursery. I enjoy getting messy with the children and doing their development with and processing. And knowing that parents children are well cared for by us while they are at work. I just love being with children seeing what they do everyday and learning new things and watching them grow in life. Love being apart of the children development. 

Why early years- Because I have an interest and caring for each child well being and development early learning through play.  And helping children develop achievement and encouraging them with fun activities.

Name-Jenna Evans 


Qualifications- Foundation degree in early childhood studies (level 5 equivalent) 


Experience- Over 14 years experience working in nursery settings 


Why do I want to work with children?- I love children and I have two of my own. I find that the time that I spend with them to be incredibly rewarding and fulfilling. 

Why Early years?-I feel it’s important to give children a valuable start and a good education. I enjoy helping children develop new skills in a caring home feeling setting leaning through play.


Name- Rosa Elizabeth West


Qualifications- GCSE in Child Development and Safeguarding as well as Prevent Training certificates

Experience- 2 Years working in the nursery care industry, Caring for Special needs children of family and friends.

Why I chose to work with children- Since caring for children for family & friends, I have developed a passion for childcare since I was young. I feel a sense of pride when I play my part in helping a child develop.

Why Early Years- I believe that this can be the most important period in a child’s life. As well as ensuring that this time is used to properly help a child develop, I also feel that I resonate better with children in the Early Years age group and thoroughly enjoy my work.